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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Long, Hard Road to November

Many of you may or may not have heard about my two successful NaNoWriMo runs. This year, I plan to go for it a third time. The only problem is that all these ideas in my head brew and evolve on their own, leaving me with a very tough choice. If I were to ask you to help me nominate a project for November, which one would you pick? I'd very much like to hear your picks and your thoughts, so please feel free to reply to this entry, e-mail me or contact me through Twitter and Facebook.

"...and then Sid looked at each one of us in the eye, his face that of a patchwork Bodhidharma. He didn't promise us heaven or hell. The deal he offered us instead was much better: he promised us a choice."

"Angels and demons used to roam our streets. Not anymore; we drove them away." Such is the philosophy of Sid, a mysterious and charismatic young man who, after finding a crew of likeminded people, has decided to turn his back on society to create a "world" of his own, a secret group of people whose purpose is the same as its namesake: to embrace their own rage and fight , becoming Gods in control of their own secluded world. The Ashuras tells the story of these pariahs, their bizarre rise to fame and their eventual confrontation with society, the so-called World of Men.

"Every morning brave King Johann woke up, he felt less and less kingly."

There is no chance; there is no way; there is no hope...  and that is why King Johann fights. Born the last descendant in a line of valiant knights, he rose to the challenge of the times, incited a revolution and overthrew the tyrant ruling the kingdom of Amilcare, his homeland; however, he never expected to be crowned as the new ruler. Reluctant and taken aback by private melancholies, he proved his worth once more, rebuilding the land and turning it into one of prosperity. Now, his dream of a paradise for his people is about to be crushed by an unknown enemy coming from the North, a band of barbarians known as The Black Rain. The only thing standing between the King and the end for his people is, without a shadow of a doubt, the resolve of a reluctant hero and the invincible dream of a patriot.

"I will crush you, your family and your legacy. I will burn all your hard work, spit on your name and rape all that you could have believed in. I will devote every cell in my body to destroy you; and you know what the worst part is? I will NEVER let you die."

How far can you go in the name of revenge? For the mad Mr. Thanatos, the sky is the limit. Pursuing an agenda known only to himself, he seeks to destroy everything that Mark Riemann has built, represents and loves, from his company HopeTech to his public image and even his family. No target is out of bounds for Thanatos to reach out to as long as it causes his nemesis the most excruciating and horrible pain. and terror. Yet there exists a vanishing light of reason; driven by guilt and the pain she's caused by cooperating with this madman, former HopeTech engineer Joan Corrigan decides to investigate Thanatos' motives for his vendetta, looking for a way to end his reign of terror perhaps at the cost of her life.

"Alex Holstein had finally written the book that would put him back on the map; however, hard as they tried, nobody was capable of reading it."

Success is always a capricious fellow. Alex Holstein, a once famous novelist nearing his fourth decade of age, knows this all too well. After years of struggling, he has finally produced a manuscript worthy of a comeback or even a revival; but much to his chagrin, nobody is capable of reading his words -at least not as intended-, to the point many people see only blank pages where a thrilling story should be. Thus, Alex must set out into one of the most difficult journeys anybody can face, one of introspection, redemption , self confrontation and rediscovery as he seeks to break free from his strange curse and give a new direction to his life.

 "If you treat us like animals, then that's what we will become!"

For the last couple of years, the American immigration problem has been reaching a boiling point. Many have lost their lives in their pursuit of the American Dream, often falling victims to the Southern USA deserts, the dangers of Rio Grande or merciless vigilantes. However, Mexico came to a stop after the Border Patrol murdered a junior high student attempting to enter the country and an immigrant was brutalized in the San Diego border. In the chilling scenario presented by this novel, a disturbed Mexican citizen has murdered an American tourist and crucified him to a statue of Christopher Columbus, demanding "justice" lest the United States loses more of its sons; thus, he has presented one of the hardest political crises in the world with the worst possible solution. Tensions immediately rise in both sides of the border as the Mexicali PD seek the man responsible, the American public demands immediate action and, worst of all, the murder count starts to increase.

*all illustrations drawn, scanned and digitally colored by yours truly.

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  1. I would have to say "The Ashuras" or "Days of Revenge" have the most interesting synopsis, to me. "Days of Revenge" I think would have to be my favorite, because I do love me some villains and there is definitely one to be had, here. And there's something to be said about the passion of the revenge he's seeking. It sounds like a thriller, with some psychological aspect of it considering that the motives of Mr. Thanatos don't appear to be simple (at least, they're complex enough to warrant investigation).

    Overall, they all look very interesting. But by reading the descriptions alone, the one I would most likely open and start reading would be "Days of Revenge."

    Hope that was helpful and good luck with your third round of NaNoWriMo victory!!! =D


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